Fund Policies

Premium Payment Policy

1 Monthly member co-premium and dependent premiums are due the first of the month prior to the month of coverage.
2 Payments are deemed delinquent on the 20th of the month prior to the month of coverage.
3 A termination notice is sent if payments are not received on the 30th or 31st of the month prior to coverage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Fund will send you a monthly premium reminder; however, if you do not receive the reminder it is your responsibility to remit your monthly premium in a timely manner.

Late Enrollment Policy

Applications and/or member co-premium payments received during the month of January will be accepted; however the Fund shall require the remittance of an additional administrative processing fee for either (1) a late enrollment (i.e., receipt of an enrollment application form) or (2) late payment of the required co-premium. The administrative processing fee is the greater of $25 or 10% of the delinquent premium. Applications received in February will not be accepted.

Late Payment Reinstatement Policy

Administrative Fee:

  1. First time delinquency the greater of $25 or 10% of the delinquent premium
  2. Second time delinquency the greater of $25 or 25% of the delinquent premium
  3. Third time delinquency the greater of $25 or 50% of the delinquent premium
  4. Fourth delinquency will result in loss of coverage

Dependent Re-Enrollment Policy

Termination of Dependent coverage due to non payment of premium or withdrawal from coverage for reasons other than a change in eligibility status will result in the Dependent having to wait a minimum of 12 months from the date of termination before re-enrolling in benefits. Enrollment may then occur only at the Fund's annual open enrollment period. Dependents may only enroll if the Participant is eligible and enrolled.

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