Enrollment In The Fund

Becoming a Plan Participant

Once the Member has become eligible for benefits as described on the Eligibility page of this web site, the following is required to obtain coverage through and become a Participant in the Plan:

1 Complete an enrollment application.
2 Submit any required Member co-premium and dependent premium in a timely manner.
3 Comply with all other regulations and requirements of the Trust Fund and Plan.

Once a Member qualifies for Eligibility, eligible Dependents are also entitled to the benefits provided by the Plan under the self-pay premium option, as long as the Member remains eligible. Eligible Dependents, if paid for, will be covered under the same benefit program selected by the Eligible Member.

Enrollment Requirements


To enroll in the Plan you must have qualified for benefits, through appropriate and sufficient employer contributions. Enrollment may only occur at the annual Open Enrollment (November 20th through December 20th). If you do not enroll at the open-enrollment period, your eligibility is forfeited, except for HIPAA special enrollment.


To receive coverage under the benefit plans you must complete an enrollment application indicating the benefit for which you and your dependents wish to enroll. The Administrator must receive the application and premium payment by the enrollment deadline.

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