Eligibility Provisions

Employer contributions for work performed during the 12-month period beginning October 3rd through October 2nd of the subsequent year, determines eligibility for the following coverage period January 1st through December 31st coverage year. The Fund will provide benefit/coverage options at three levels:

Level Eligibility Contribution Level
A $1,500 +
B $1,200 to $1,499
C $800 to $1,199

Carry-Forward Contribution Bank

If there are insufficient Employer contributions in the current qualifying period, there will be a look back period of twelve (12) months. If a Participant has any unused contributions in the twelve (12) month look back period (the previous October 3rd through October 2nd), a maximum of $600 in unused employer contributions from the immediately preceding qualifying period will be carried forward to the current period to allow the Participant to achieve eligibility.

Unused contributions are (a) Employer contributions in excess of $1,500 or (b) the amount of employer contributions, up to a maximum of $600, when a musician did not qualify.

ELIGIBILITY: Combining Credits of Husband and Wife

Husband and wife musicians, who fail to achieve eligibility and who perform under one or more Agreements calling for contributions to the Fund, may elect to have their contributions combined within the Qualifying Period for the purpose of achieving eligibility at the lowest level; whoever has the higher contributions will be the eligible member. Your written request to combine contributions must be received by the Fund during the open enrollment period.


It is each Employee's responsibility to notify the Fund of engagements performed. Contributions not received timely, may not be applied to the prior qualifying period and therefore, may affect your eligibility in the Plan. For more information on this subject, please refer to the Summary Plan Description (SPD).

Print and complete this form to advise the Union and Trust Fund of engagements you have performed. See the information about Member Self-Reporting on this web site or in the Fund’s SPD.

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